Maie Pauts

Green Wooden Chair in white empty room

I’ve had wonderful experiences, from the day I came into this industry. Whether you’re a man or a woman what you’re looking for is someone who believes in you. And I think that’s true in anything we do in life. If you’ve got people who believe in you and stand behind you, you will shine and you will thrive, men or women. But I’ve always had that.”

— Maie Pauts

After being told she couldn’t apply her passion for music as a record rep in the music industry because “they don’t hire women” for that job, Maie Pauts found work in radio, and is now a well-known on-air radio personality in Toronto. She tells us how she doesn’t feel she struggled because of her gender in the radio industry, as not only did other women before her break down many barriers, but she’s also been fortunate enough to work with progressive, forward-thinking people.

Green Wooden Chair in white empty room
Image by Pexels